A protest in Paradise

Before we start, let just be clear; I am in no way an activist, lobbyist or someone who seeks out confrontation or conflict. I am such a people pleaser (I know… I’m working on it). But, I stepped out of my comfort zone when I heard that the Indigenous Torres Strait crayfishermen were going to protest.

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Birthdays and other causes for celebration

I have a huge family. No seriously, I have a HUGE family. My dad is one of 11 children; I have 37 first cousins and as a result, I have an even bigger extended family. In the Torres Strait, family is everything and it represents who you are.

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How we spent our first week in Paradise

It was very weird flying to the Torres Strait on a one-way ticket. I’m so used to having my return flight scheduled and an itinerary of things I wanted to do/see in the brief time I was home. But, this time I was home for good (well, for as long as we see fit).

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