About Us

Corey, Nesha and Lara KC in Paradise

“To the left to the left,
Everything we own,
In the box to the left”

Well, technically everything we own is in a shipping container, but I couldn’t resist a little Yonce reference.

Who are we?

Hi, my name is Kantesha (I’m the planner and the stress-head). My better half is Corey (he’s the brains, and the brawn) and our little pooch is Lara (she’s the looks and the third amigo of our trio).

What’s this all about?

Glad you asked. Well, after nine amazing years of living in the big smoke (*ahem* Brisbane), we’ve decided to move home to the Torres Strait. Corey left the Torres Strait when he was 15 and I left when I was 17. So, neither of us have lived here as adults. Sure, we’ve spent a few Christmases back home, but we have no idea what it’s like every day.

So, we’re embarking on quite the rediscovery journey. From reigniting cultural ties to spending time on and under the water (with the toys we have now), we’ve got a lot planned.

Our goal is to visit all 274 islands in the Torres Strait – can we do it? You’ll have to follow and see.

Where’s the Torres Strait?

Well, if you haven’t caught on already, the Torres Strait is a cluster of islands between the tip of Cape York and Papua New Guinea (PNG). While it does hug the PNG border, it’s still very much in Queensland.


Map provided by Wikipedia.

Why should you follow the journey?

You aren't obliged to follow us, but if you do, that’d be great 😊

There are 274 islands waiting to be explored and we want to explore all of them whilst rekindling our cultural heritage, living the island lifestyle and enjoying the best that paradise has to offer.

Living in the tropics is challenging and the Torres Strait is one of the most untouched places in Australia. We hope that this blog and our photos encourage more people to visit. It’s truly a remarkable place in Queensland

We're documenting the good, a little of the bad and lots of the amazing things that happen in paradise.